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Now, download BIMA X Satria Garuda Mod Apk with unlimited money and Unlock all characters. The official action game provides amazing gameplay.
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Bima X mod APK- what makes it worth your time

The entertainment industry has evolved with immense speed during the past few decades. Today people do not run to play football. Instead, they play it on their smartphone with the help of their fingers. Hence, the demand for virtual games has risen, and Bima X is among them.

The game is widely known for its fantastic storyline and engaging graphics. Yet, its Mod APK version is more interesting, as It has many additional features to offer.

Keep on reading, and you will introduce yourself to the most fantastic analysis of the Bima X game and its Moded APK version. So, without any further discussion, let us jump into the article.

bima x mod apk


Bima X is a well-known game inspired by the Indonesian tv-series Satria Garuda Bima X. hence, people who have watched the tv series will find it easy to understand and play.

The application allows the player to engage in PvP mode, aka one on one combat that acquires styles such as street fighter and Tekken. Hence, the game introduces you to a different world full of imagination and adventure.

What is Bima X Mod APK 2023?

Many people confuse the two terms, thinking of them as distinguished applications. However, the reality is the opposite of this idea, as it is nothing but different sides of the same coin.

Let us explain how. So, the standard app version possesses an engaging game story, excellent features, and great graphics. Nevertheless, the Modded version has something more to offer. For instance, it lets you pass the geographical restrictions, enhances the user experience, and grants access to the premium version. ‘

We will be explaining each feature in detail, so stay tuned.

Features to note about the app

As we mentioned above, the APK file offers additional features. Hence, we will divide the total number of application characteristics into 2 categories: primary and additional.

Here, basic features represent those benefits that a person can enjoy with the standard version of the app. On the other hand, additional features represent those that a person can enjoy only with Mod APK. So, with that said, let’s start with the list.

Basic features of BIMA X hacked Mod APK ( are obtained by both of the versions: standard, Mod APK)

New heroes mode

In the new heroes mode, The player fights with their favorite character against one computer opponent after another. Furthermore, you can choose a difficulty level from Easy, Normal, Hard, Super, or Hyper. That means that you get a chance to analyze and determine your skills with each level.

Controls and gameplay

Not everyone can understand complicated and complex gameplays and control panels. The same is why the game designers of cheat Bima X have simplified the control panel and gameplay as possible.

Hence, play the game conveniently by punching, kicking, and moving with a single tap. So practice and make your very own original combos.

Collect items and unlock new characters

The game empowers the player to defeat enemy after enemy on a scrolling stage. Collect items in the journey and get new characters to increase your power and level your status in the game.

One might get lucky to acquire some rare and unique colo characters from tv shows and movies.

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bima x mod apk

Additional features ( are obtained by Modded APK only)

Free access to a premium version

Although the game app was initially free to download, it still acquires a premium version containing many exciting features.

However, you need to spend a considerable amount of your income to purchase that version. But not anymore; with the Mod APK file, you get unlimited and ultimate access to its premium version. Isn’t it amazing?

Smooth and easy download

The app is labeled an “International application” and can be accessed from almost every part of the world. Nevertheless, some regions still face difficulty downloading it, mainly because of political issues.

Hence, the users living in those areas can use the modded version of the app to download and use it with ease. No geographical limitations at all.

Consumes less data

The standard version of the app consumes many data and can cause you to break your budget after every few days. However, the hacked APK comparatively utilizes way less data and can aid you in saving a good amount of money.

It is accessible on the phone.

Standard Bima X consumes a few GB of your phone’s storage because of its colossal size. Hence, it can cause you to get out of space quickly, especially if you own a device with 16 or 32 GB of total storage.

And that is where the cracked version comes for help. It not only consumes less data but less space for your phone’s storage. What else do you want?

Free access to all in-app purchases

The app has some in-app purchases regarding coins bunch and another upgrade. And again, you need to spend money to buy them.

However, the modded version grants you free access to it, just like the premium version.

Unlimited supply of Bima X money

Money plays a significant role in the whole game. It would help buy certain upgrades and customization features and unlock new characters. However, acquiring it is not an easy chore. It would help if you spent tons and tons of effort and time.

And not everyone wants to do that. If your answer is yes, then the Mod version is your option. Along with other features to empower you to enjoy an unlimited supply of money.

Unlock all characters

Last but not least, the next feature on the list is unlocking all the characters. The game has a wide variety of characters. And each of them is equipped with different features. However, it would help unlock them by playing the game and upgrading your level.

Nevertheless, the Mod APK version allows you to unlock every character whenever you want.

bima x mod apk

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How to download Bima X Mod Unlocked?

Downloading Bima X is a simple process. Follow the below-listed guide to install the app on your smartphone easily.


Uninstall the standard/ previous version of the app

Having standard or any of the app’s previous versions will prevent the Bima X all mode from being hacked into the device. Hence make sure to uninstall it first

Investigate the reliable source

A person must spend a reasonable amount of time investigating a credible source. It is essential because unknown sources can send unwanted viruses to your device. Hence, do not miss this step

Actual download process:

Give important permission

Because of the virus risk, almost every other phone is equipped with software that allows unknown sources to send files to the device. You need to disable this feature. To do so, enter the security tab of your phone’s settings and click/ tap upon “Enable download from unknown sources.” And you are all sorted with the step

Download and install the app

Now follow the mentioned step of your selected download site to start the download process. Once downloaded, let the fill get entirely installed. It may take a few minutes, so wait patiently.


You are all done with the download process. Hence enter the app and unleash some real fun.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Game Bima X offline?

No, the game is not available as the offline version. Hence your device must possess a strong internet connection to enjoy it.

Why the Bima X Mod APK unlock-all character hacked APK is not available on the google play store?

There are tens and thousands of games and applications available on the google play store. However, the application must fulfill specific criteria to remain available on it that are director by google itself.

However, the Bima X mod APK does not fulfill the rules set by Google. The same is why Google has not allowed the app to remain on the plays store.

Is game Bima X cracked safe to use?

You see, there are some rules and regulations of the actual game app that this Mod APK violates. The same is why it isn’t available on the google play store.

Hence, we, unfortunately, can not call the app an utterly safe application to use. Nevertheless, there are thousands and millions of app users from all across the globe using the app without countering any such issues. Hence, you can consider giving the app at least a single shot.


Bima X is an exciting application to download and use as it offers some fantastic features to the player. For example, it lets you access the premium version, aids in smooth download, and the list goes on and on.

So, now that you have enough knowledge about the app and the complete guide to download it, you are all good to go and conquer the world. `

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