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Download Prison Escape free for Android users and get unlimited money/ unlocked all the levels in this Modded version. Easy to download and play. Enjoy your Mod.
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Prison Escape Mod Apk is one of the most eminent names of the related category. It is developed by one of the most popular developers called World Mobile. And released into the market to meet the requirements of mobile games. The player will play the role of an unlucky prisoner who has been caught in prison by a conspiracy. He wishes to escape from that harsh place. For this purpose, he takes help from other prisoners. At that time you will also be having some opponents in prison. Therefore you should fight with them in order to escape from prison with the help of your friends. In this way, you will get rid of that dark room.

Story of Prison Escape

The story of Prison Escape Mod Apk starts with your character. The user is an honest citizen who unluckily got captured in the stratagem of bad boys. Therefore he was sent to the lock-up. So to deal with this injustice he decides to stand up against this system and to escape from jail. We all know that the jail is a place of bad people.

Therefore the character faces many difficulties while being in jail. Therefore he decides to escape from jail. For this purpose, he takes the help of other prisoners. Moreover, he fights with the opponents and smashes them badly. This act cast a great influence over all of the prisoners.

In this way, you will be playing the role of this character. Now it will totally depend upon you how you find a way for him to escape. You will do this activity to show that you are innocent and don’t deserve prison. There will be several choices in front of you about how you escape. An example of it will be to dig a subterranean tunnel and wait for some time to escape from jail.

Another choice will be to dodge the guards. Concealed agencies and door lock codes will be swiftly broken by the specific characters. They will be having armaments, to fight with guards and find opportunities to escape out from the jail.

Eccentric Features

Move, Discover And Fight

Prison Escape Cheat Apk offers you many facilities. One of them will be to move to many sites in the jail and discover a lot of things. For example, you will be shifted from one place to another by guards. Such as they will take the prisoners to the worksite.

You will move to the cafe area and also visit several offices in the base for investigation. All of these sites will be on your target. Because you will estimate the security level at different points. Moreover, you will also get familiar with the sites and estimate any site which will be close to the boundary.

The jail is a place of sinful people. There you will face many conflicts with many prisoners in downloading Prison Break Apk. Therefore you will have to fight with them. You will beat them through your fighting skills. In this way, you will cast an influence on the prisoners.

Many prisoners will become your friends. Therefore you will let them know about your mission. They will also assist you in many ways. Because each of them will be an expert in some specific activity. This will consist of unlocking the codes, fighting and defending powers.

Build Your Way Through 30 Distinct missions

Prison Escape Game Android Apk will not be composed of any single level. Rather it will contain 30 distinct thrilling and incredible missions. These missions will range from the beginning easy levels to the last tough levels. Therefore you will have to remain persistent at every stage of the game.

Because you will definitely complete your levels if you will play heedfully and spend a lot of time. These missions will pave the way to success by escaping you out of prison in StickMan Escape Prison.

Each of the missions will be full of thrill and enjoyment in this Prison Escape App. Because you will be in a continuous struggle for your aim. You will not remain calm because you will be in a continuous struggle to reach the goal. In this way, you should be very careful in every activity. Because a single mistake will take you deep into prison.

Therefore you will have to play with very great interest and adopt a unique strategy. Because the only thing which will save you from that harsh room will be your strategy.

Perform Wonderful Moves

In Prison Escape Door Code Apk each of your steps will be considered suspicious. The reason behind this will be the tag which you will be having on your character and getup. This tag will be the tag of a sinful person in Escape Games Hacked. But you will have to protect yourself from this.

You will not find any single way to prove yourself an honest citizen. Therefore you will make incredible moves in the game. Your movement will be in your favor because you will have the facility to move to distinct sites. Your moves will make you incredible from other prisoners.

Because they will be calm and you will be distinct from others. You will be distinct in the way because you will be in a continuous struggle for your freedom. Moreover, you will discover numerous things by your moves.

Wonderful Graphics

If there is an action game but it will not possess high-quality graphics then it will be of no use. Because the very strong point which captivates the players is the quality of graphics. The quality of graphics decides the fortune of the game.

Because the users are attracted to the fight sight if the game possesses high-quality graphics. Prison Escape Game Apk offers wonderful graphics. These graphics are of very high quality which cast a healthy effect on users. Therefore the developer has worked very hard on this point.

In this way, you will enjoy every step of the game. Because you will be enjoying all of the scenes of the game. A crystal clear view will captivate your interest in the game and then a passion will be generated inside you. This passion will take you to escape the prison.

Unlimited Money

In Prison Escape Mod Apk you will get unlimited money. This unlimited money will be composed of unlimited game currency. In this way, you will not have to struggle hard to earn this money. This unlimited money will assist you at every step of the game.

Because you will use this money for various purposes. You will spend this money on purchasing essential items for your mission. Moreover, you will use this money for various functions. You will never run out of this money. Because you will be offered unlimited money.

In this way, you will move forward in the game swiftly. With this feature, you will not get bored with the game. Because this feature protects you from the tiring activities which are carried for money. This feature of unlimited money is only retained in this mod version.

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Prison Escape Mod Apk offers very interesting gameplay. Most big scenes in this game are third-person action-packed fight scenes. You will be acknowledged for hand-hand fighting, changing it to secrecy attacks.

Moreover, the weapons will be hand-made in the initial levels of the game. They will be knives, sticks, and batons. You will use them to protect yourself and to attack your enemies. You will be playing the role of the main character, therefore, you will have to do a lot of work & you will fight with the guards who will use to torture the prisoners without any reason.

The Player will also fight with many prisoners which will oppose you or any of the pitted prisoners. At that time you will think about your escape from jail. Therefore you will have to learn many techniques. These tactics will include keeping safe from being caught sight of the guards, running from your lane. Moreover, you will also keep yourself calm while running from one cell to another.

You will have to follow the missions of the game sequences. This will lead you to success. Because you will adopt every essential step in this and finally escape from jail.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What will be my character in the game?

Your character will be an advisor or we can say you will be controlling the prisoner. Who is willing to escape from jail. In this way, you will be playing the main character in-game.

How should I deal with my opponents in jail?

You should fight with your opponents and struggle to gain victory. You should fight with hand-hand or you should use handmade weapons for this.

How does this modded version assist me financially in the game?

This is the hacked version of this game which will offer you unlimited money.

Final Verdict

The storyline of this game is very distinct from all of the games of its related category. Because here you will not get as much entertainment as you will get into other games. But Prison Mod Ak is a game full of thrills.

Therefore you should go for this game because this game will be very amazing due to its unique features. These features will be full of thrill and amusement. All of the advanced features are available in this wonderful game.

Moreover, you will get the mod features along with the official version in this version. Therefore it is recommended to only download Prison Escape Mod Ak.



What's new

Fixed some crash bugs in the game.



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