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World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk is one the best game for strategy loving games; that offers you unlimited amazing features and rewards. Download and enjoy the game.
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Tanks are considered a perfect vehicle for the war. Because the tanks have a more significant and more challenging capacity to beat the enemies, the cannonballs thrown through the tanks can destroy the enemy’s backbone. Using the tank and operating it according to your wish is quite an impossible thing in real life. But here in this video game named World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk, you can not only use these tanks according to your tactics, but also you will throw the cannonballs wherever you like at the enemies spot.

World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk is one the best game for strategy loving games. The use and handle these tanks is quite a complicated task in real life. But here in this game, you can operate it with effortless methods. Moreover, you will face many wars where your role will be to destroy the enemies with the help of these tanks. From these powerful tanks, you will be pushed into fierce battles where your only duty will be to destroy the enemies site as much as you can.

The tanks act as war machines or war robots on the battlefields. Here they are used for the large scale destruction of the opponents. Moreover, the person operating it sitting inside is also safe from the bullets of the enemy. You cannot only kill the enemies with this, but also you can destroy their sites forever.


Incredible Features of World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk

40+ Powerful Tanks

There is a significant variation in the kinds of tanks; here, you have the opportunity to choose the tank of your choice. But initially, you are restricted to use the standard tank provided in the game. Because money and gold are required to unlock other tanks. As you will struggle hard and earn maximum game currency, you will have the facility to choose the tank you wish.

There are about 40+ tanks offered to the users. These tanks vary from one another through many features. These features prove to be very beneficial as you level up your position in the grading.

Fun PvP

In many ordinary games related to the strategy or fighting categories, you can experience the fight of weapons, but can you imagine the battle with the tanks. Yes, you hear right that the action of tanks. Most of you will not believe it, but this game indeed involves the tank to tank fighting.

Here you are provided with the opportunity to fight with tanks, and in this way, the player operating will be like sitting in the tank, which saves him from the bullets of the enemies weapons. This tank to tank fight will be very disastrous because the tanks cause colossal destruction.


The upgradation is the feature that makes your position strong enough nd to resist many challenging missions. The levels are sequenced from easy to complex ones. Therefore, you should be equipped with modern ammunition. Thus we have provided the up-gradation of the items used on the battlefield.

You cannot only upgrade the items used in the battles, but you can also upgrade the weapons and can also avail yourself of the camouflage feature.
This is a unique and beautiful feature that makes you able to hide yourself according to the surrounding. Such as if you are wandering in the Greenlands, you can change the tank’s camouflage to green colour. Same as if you are walking in the plains, then you can change the tank colour accordingly.

Fight in opposition to the real people.

Although it is the perfect thing to fight with the tanks against the tanks, you will also encounter real people roaming around the battlefields. You will kill them suspiciously because you will be in danger from all directions. Therefore you will consider all the people as your opponent and encounter whoever comes on your way.

Maps And Arenas

There are several battle arenas offered in wot blitz apk. These areas are specially designed for our users not to get drilled off from the same hall. There are about 25 battle arenas, and each of it is holding its specific features. To change your theatre is not in your hand, and instead, you have to struggle hard to get a good ranking in the ranking list. This levelling up makes you capable of exploring all the offered arenas.


It is the common habit of humanity they expect an award if they perform any good deed. This reward is just for appreciating and motivating the person to struggle hard to achieve many significant positions and prizes.

A unique reward system is present, which means that if you strive hard, then you will be awarded many attractive prizes. And if you will not focus on your performance, these prizes will be given to your opponents.

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Unlimited Money

Primarily the money refers to the game currency used in world of tanks mod apk, which has a significant role in the smooth gameplay of this game. Therefore players have to strive hard to earn more and more money.

But through our moded version, you are provided with unlimited money. This money just only belongs to you, and it means that you will be the only owner of this money, and you will use this money for the upgradation of your tanks and unlocking new tanks and levels.

Unlimited Gold

Along with the money, world of tanks blitz free gold will also be present in this game. As much you will collect this gold, as much you will be decisive in the game. Moreover, you can customize all the essential items for battles through this gold, and all of the customizations of items will be based upon the gold.




The gameplay of world of tanks blitz mod is straightforward and clear so that you will not face any obstacles while playing this game. In the beginning, when you will enter into the game, you will come to the sight of many tanks used for various purposes such as for defence or attack. At the very beginning of this game, you will have to learn the basic steps to use, handle and operate the tanks. When you are pretty familiar with all these steps, then you can start your journey.

You will start your journey of battles because many battlefields will be waiting for you. Here you will prepare yourself mechanically, which means you will equip yourself with all precautionary measures and defensive items. After this, you will go out for the wars. These wars will be a discrete experiment for you, but you will have to fight bravely. Destroy your enemies and their positions as much as you can. Moreover, you must upgrade your items and customize the camouflage of the tanks. Fight with your skills and tactics and win amazing rewards.


How To Download And Install World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk?


  • At the very first of this process, check in your device whether this game is already present on your device or not.
  • If present, then instantly exclude it from your android device
  • Now read this article carefully to get the download link or button
  • After having access to the download link, click on the download link or button
  • The downloading will be initiated and will take some time
  • You must move to the device setting than to the security setting and tap on the unknown sources
  • Coming to few steps ahead, the downloading will be finished; tap on the install option
  • The installation will be started and completes within no time
  • Click to open the World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk and enjoy!


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How will we come to know about the usage and handling of the tanks?

Before entering the battlegrounds, you will first train yourself and learn how to use and handle the tanks. After great exercise, you will put yourself on the battlefields.

Can we have to experience a single arena throughout the World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk?

Only one arena is not carried out throughout the game. Instead, you can enjoy 25 discrete areas, which will have different features from one another.

Can we change the colour of our tank in World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk?

You can change the colour of the tank. In this version, the camouflage feature is also offered, from which you can change the camouflage of the tank.




Firstly the tanks were only be seen on the battlefields, but with the advancement of technology, it is possible that everyone can use these tanks without facing any difficulty. Yes, we are talking about the video game which is named World Of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk. This makes you able to carry all of your war with tanks, and you will first train yourself for this activity.

After that, you will move to the battlegrounds, where you will face tanks to tanks battles. Here, you will have to show your skills and tactics, making you a world champion when you approach the apex of levels. You don’t have to follow a series of instructions and directions and world of tanks mod download, install and enter into the beautiful world of tanks.


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