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Hempire Mod APK is the perfect Plant growing mobile game-With unlimited money and Diamonds- Download and enjoy the process of growing weeds.
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Oct 15, 2022
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What is Hempire Mod Apk 2023?

Hempire Mod Apk 2023 is a Plant growing and ultimate casual strategy mobile game developed by a well-known game designer firm: “British Columbia’s LBC Studios. The game is rich in content, possesses an engaging storyline, and works well on Android and ios devices.

In addition, the players are all free to grow various plants and extract flowers from them to resell them to virtual customers. The game’s main goal is to create a real empire with the cultivation and sale of cannabis.

Here, the player must cultivate plants and robust hybrids through high technology. Nevertheless, stay aware of the police and black-hearted people as they are ill-intentioned,

Hempire Mod APK

Engaging Storyline of Hempire Apk Mod

The storyline is another essential part of any game. And Hembire Apk Mod possesses an exciting one. Have you seen the movie “Breaking Bad? If yes, then there is a high chance that you already know the game storyline. The game introduces you to a world where you play the role of a wise man, and weed is the main product you need to build your career,

Hence, your goal in the game is obvious: Grow your business and research for new weeds. You will receive an instructional guide when you play the game for the first time. Please read it carefully, as it contains all the crucial instructions you need to know about weed planting, nurturing, and harvesting.

Moreover, as a player, you need to find potential virtual customers and pursue trading operations to expand your empire. This process is relatively intuitive and straightforward; Read the text from the screen and tap upon the corresponding functions.

Let reinvest buy new seeds with the earned profit and expand the cultivation area. Overall, the game has an exciting storyline and engaging gameplay that will keep you hooked from start to end.


Hempire Mod APK

Exciting Features of the Download Hempire Apk 2023

Grow Hashish

It all starts in a small and shabby shack. And the guiding tutorial makes it easy for you to understand. The game grants you a pot and seeds to grow a simple hashish plant. Hence, you can increase your first Plant without spending a single penny of your game money.

The essential factor to consider over here is water. You must pour it onto the Plant regularly. If you forget to do so, your Plant will weaken and destroy.

Grow Your Empire

You must know that this job is highly profitable if interested in the news. Therefore, many people, such as the business competitor in the game, defy to make money. If their growth quality is good and they manage to create large-scale production in less time than you, then the young business you are trying to build will collapse very soon.

So, do not let them avail of such opportunities. Instead, try to work as hard as possible to serve customers and meet their needs in the best possible way to grow your empire.

Build Your Own Company or Brand

Initially, The game system provides only a small set and pot to weed the Plant. Thus, the supply is too small for anyone to weed, and you need to expand it with the game money.

You can consider renting a new warehouse if you possess a smaller sum. You need space not only for cultivation but also for storing your harvested products.

Do Research in the Laboratory

By the time you know that, you play the role of a businessman in-game. However, that is not enough. Let us take a function of a Ph.D. in Laboratory research as well.

The app offers a wide variety of customization possibilities. That means you are all empowered to research a new weed variety from the basic types like shun1, Sativa, Indica, Hindu Kush, or Jack Herer.

The distinguished combinations will produce different products. They are different in agricultural products that can be harvested in a crop. You can shorten the duration and increase quality and quantity simultaneously so that no one can beat or compete with you. Reach the Hempire max level to win.

Breed New Species of Plants

There is a laboratory in a wrecked caravan to grow new plant species—Cross two seeds to invent a new species that the world has never seen before.

From simple to legendary, you will find every type of Plant to develop in the game. The better they are, the more profit they will generate. Nevertheless, remember that your plants are not always sold through minor dealers and customers on the street. Instead, you can set up a delivery service as well.

MOD Features of the Hempire Hack Mod Apk

Hempire Mod Apk Platinmodes has the following MOd features.

Unlimited Money

Android users will earn unlimited money in the Hempire Unlimited Money Mod Apk. This money will help you do new research, breed different seeds, make new plant species, and buy equipment for your lab.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds play a crucial part in this game. You must acquire and spend them to purchase specific upgrades, buffs, and other customization features.

Yet, obtaining them is not an easy task. You need to practice the game for hours and spend tons of effort. And that is where the Mod APK comes in for help, as it grants you a free and unlimited supply of diamonds you can use however you want. No barriers at all.

VIP unlocked

Hempire APK possesses a VIP Zone that allows players to play the game with extra privileges and not bother about advertisements popping in the middle.

However, this zone is not free to acquire, and you need to spend considerable money to achieve it. Nevertheless, with the modded version of the Hempire app, you get ultimate access to this zone free of cost. Isn’t it amazing?

Hempire Mod APK

How to download the Hempire Mod Menu

Follow the processes listed below to download any of the two apps easily.

For the usual Hempire Upgrades App

  1. Downloading the usual app is very easy. Just open the google play store or apple store o your device.
  2. Type the apps name on the search bar and press enter
  3. At this time, a long list of similar apps must appear on your mobile screen. Select the top one
  4. Tap upon installation, and downloading process will start.
  5. Enjoy

For Hempire cheats Android/ Ios

  • Uninstall the standard version of the Hempire game, as it will prevent the modified version from getting downloaded to your device.
  • Enter into the security tab of your phone’s settings and tap “Enable download from an unknown source.
  • Unknown sources can send dangerous viruses to your device. The same is why one should consider investing a reasonable amount of time in seeking a reliable source.
  • Follow the instructions per your selected download site to start the downloading process.
  • Let the app get fully installed. It can consume up to a few minutes. So, wait patiently.
  • Enjoy


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the modified version of Hempire APK better than usual?

The mod APK carries certain additional benefits, such as:

  1. Consumes fewer data
  2. Gives access to the VIP zone
  3. Is the light on the phone’s memory
  4. It grants you an unlimited supply of diamonds
  5. Unlocks every feature

The same reasons give the Mod APK a slight edge over the usual app.

Is the Mod version of the Hempire App illegal?

The unfortunate answer to this question is YES. The modified version of the game is illegal as it violates some terms and conditions of the existing app. The same is why it is unavailable on the google play store.

However, millions of users are still using this version without any issues. And they have faced no problems so far. Hence, you can consider giving it at least a single shot.


In a nutshell, Hempire Mod APK 2023 is a fun and interesting plant-growing game to play. It has an engaging storyline, easy-to-understand gameplay, great graphics, and, most importantly, some fantastic features we have listed above in the article.

So read the article and all frequently asked questions and download the guide to rest assured of the easy and convenient gaming experience.

What's new

  • 4 dank new edibles and concentrates!
  • Chat with your buds
  • Newsstand improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • updated game libraries



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