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FarmVille 2 country escape mod is the latest addition in that series that gained immense popularity. In this game, you move to a beautiful village where you grow food for the sustenance of your animals, breed them and care for them.
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Are you looking for a game that could relax your mind and take you to another fantastic world? If yes, let us introduce the FarmVille 2: Country Escape developed by Zynga. In today’s fast-moving world, we often feel exhausted and want an escape from our busy lives. The relaxing Farmville 2 mod apk takes you to the peaceful countryside in such a situation. The country is, indeed, a very comfortable place in our memories. You could enjoy the fresh air and involve yourself in doing the work of a farmer on a large farm.

The fantastic FarmVille 2 takes you to such beautiful countryside where you can do multiple farming activities, from planting crops to raising cattle, not natural but in a virtual world. You can enjoy this soothing game on your mobile phone whenever you want. Another exciting thing about this game is: it is entirely free! While playing this game, you will find yourself lost in the magnificent countryside where you indulge in some farming activities. Let’s explore more about FarmVille 2 in this article.

What is FarmVille 2 mod apk?

FarmVille is a top-rated farming game series. FarmVille’s old version was also exciting. FarmVille 2 country escape mod is the latest addition in that series that gained immense popularity. In this game, you move to a beautiful village where you grow food for the sustenance of your animals, breed them and care for them. You also have to build bunkers to collect wheat.

Moreover, you also lift water from the well and water the plants to harvest a large crop. You have to put your consistent efforts into preventing the crop from being lost. In parallel, you need to mend the buildings. You also have to build new facilities, houses, and hangers for harvested crops.


In the free game FarmVille 2, the player gets to join the thrilling farm life after inheriting his grandparents’ farm. You will find yourself utterly addicted to the exciting farming adventure in this game. Also, you assist your character in transforming the old farm into a flourishing one.

You interact with the exciting people of the village and discover all aspects of living in the countryside. The town’s folks help you in your journey in Farmville, and in exchange, you assist them in their daily businesses. You have the freedom to discover village life as you go.

Furthermore, you can connect with millions of online gamers in online co-op gameplay. The advantage of this is that you can assist them with their farming businesses and seek help from them. You can also participate in trade events with other online gamers. Strive to help your farm is thriving so you may collect the rewards.

FarmVille 2 mod apk Features

We are mentioning below all the fantastic features in the Farmville update.

Freedom to Decorate and Customize your Farm

Farmville 2 country escape mod allows you to make various customizations to enjoy your beautiful country life. For example, you can choose multiple paints of different colors for your building to tone with multiple themes. You can also buy flowers and decoration items to make your farm a beautiful spot for meeting friends. Use your creative mind to build your farm in an innovative style in FarmVille 2.

Have Fun in Addictive Farming Simulation Gameplay

In this excellent farming simulation adventure, you lost entirely into the relaxing farm lives. In FarmVille 2, you can not only participate in multiple farming activities, but you can also have fun supporting the farming community. You can create your dream farm and interact with your neighborhood farmers.

Explore a Completely New FarmVille Story

If you are a fan of the original FarmVille game, you will find this FarmVille update thrilling and enjoyable. In this new game, you experience a whole new story with new characters and events that will catch your attention. Discover the exciting farm adventure in this thrilling farm game.

Raise the animals to make your farm more Lively

Moreover, FarmVille 2 allows you to raise the cattle and pets on your farm to make it full of life. You have various choices to raise animals, such as building the barns or chicken coop to raise chicken and cattle. You can also have a pet cat or dog for yourself. Take care of your animals every day and spend time with them. As a result, they will befriend you, and you can collect farming products from your cattle whenever you desire.

Plant Various Crops to Harvest on Your Farm

FarmVille 2 lets you plant and harvest various types of crops on your farm. The game player feels like an actual farmer when involved in multiple farming activities. This includes tilling the soil to make it ready for sowing, watering them properly, and waiting for the crops to grow up. Besides vegetables and fruits, FarmVille 2 also features various flowers that you can plant on. Here, you have the freedom to build a massive garden of roses, tulips, sunflowers, and many more. So, you can have a colorful and beautiful park right on your mobile phone.

Take Your Cooking Skills to the Next Level

If you love to cook, you will become a massive fan of FarmVille 2, as this game allows you to show your cooking skills. You can find here the fresh ingredients you could use to cook delicious dishes. In this game, you have the freedom to use your cooking skills to create the yummiest and most exotic foods.

Collect Amazing Daily Rewards

FarmVille 2 allows you to collect awesome rewards daily. You have to do nothing special to collect the rewards; just stay relatively active in the game to manage the daily bonus. Just open the game and collect a wonderful Mystery Chest or spin the wheel to get surprising rewards.

Travel and Collect Hidden Items

You can also find many hidden items in different places. Discover the rare and unique things in FarmVille 2 while traveling around.

Enjoy the FarmVille Offline or Online

FarmVille 2 allows the gamers to play online or offline without affecting the game quality. You can enjoy most of the game’s features simultaneously with or without an internet connection. This means that you can still work on your farm and participate in in-game activities when you are offline. However, you cannot join the online gamers in FarmVille offline play.
But, as soon as the internet connects again, all your progress will be uploaded online. So, you never lose your saved progress.

Free to play

Having all the exciting features, FarmVille 2 is free for android gamers. There are no hidden charges involved in its installation.


How to download and Install FarmVille 2 mod apk (Unlimited Keys)?

On Android:

You can easily download and install this game on your android mobile. , go to Google Play Store, write FarmVille 2 mod apk in the search box and install it without paying anything. Now, enjoy playing this thrilling game.

On PC:

You can also download FarmVille 2 on your PC by following the few steps that we will mention below.

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Sign in to your Google account to access the Play Store.
  • Search for FarmVille 2: Country Escape in the search bar
  • Click on the install option from search results
  • After downloading, click the game icon on your screen and start playing.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I able to play FarmVille 2 without an internet connection?

Yes, you can play it online and offline as well.

Can I play FarmVille 2 Country Escape on Mac?

Yes, you can play it on Mac.

Is FarmVille 2 utterly free of cost?

Yes, you can download it free of cost.

How are the graphics and sound quality of FarmVille 2

The pictures and sound quality of this game are outstanding.



To sum up, FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a fantastic game of the FarmVille game series. The storyline of this game is quite different from the previous series. You are provided with a beautiful green environment of countryside, and you have to plant and harvest crops, grow cattle, cook delicious dishes and have fun with your friends and neighbors.

This game has many exciting features that make it more interesting to play and give you an unforgettable experience. You can download this game from Google Play Store on your android mobile phones. You can also easily install it on your PCs. The most fantastic thing about FarmVille 2 Country Escape is: It is entirely free to download and play!




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