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In EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk you need to handle extremity block services from fire-extinguishers, therapeutic staff, police, doctors, as well as practical services, as all of them are an essential segment of the game and many more. Download the amazing game.
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EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk is a fire-extinguishing game squad simulation game, which is quite distinct from all other games. Here in this game, you need to handle extremity block services from fire-extinguishers, therapeutic staff, police, doctors, as well as practical services, as all of them are an essential segment of the game. There will be several instant complications in-game and you will have to set out missions, scheme your routes, arrange the necessary things and team equipped to rescue.


Emergency HQ is a simulation game to save mankind or the buildings went up to smoke. Moreover, players have to control extremity units and other practical services in this game. This is a game that comprises help operations, offenses, collaboration, medicinal, and calamity administration. And control of automobiles and workers within associations.

In this you have to command characters, accompanying fire-extinguishers, medicinal staff, police, doctors, and specific troops to fight the fire, save animals, rescue people’s lives, brawl intimidation, and several other actions in the game. Develop your personal fire shielding amenity and pile up the amazing extremity service squad to offer opportune rescue circumstances. Modify buildings, fire trucks, hospitals and enlarge your head office.

Magnificent Features of EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk

Captivating Rewards

You can achieve a huge variety of winnings and badges comprising on how much time you consume to finish chores instantly lazily to categorize badges from bronze to platinum. The quicker you finalize the duty the more coins and awards you will achieve. Furthermore, you can achieve many diamonds by sighting ads or staying on with your friends and staff to open mythical chests and explore the magic in them.
Every mythical chest will provide a couple of diamonds and every ad will also offer you pair of diamonds. Moreover, you can also achieve additional money from either side hunts by moving your team to a second bus to rescue situations in the second area. The money you pocket can be utilized to modify all relating buildings, head offices, purchase and construct new buildings for discrete professions and enhance training advancements.

Easy To Play

This game is compelling due to its clarity. Subject to fire, inform the fire brigade. Make certain that the tire dangle near the house or in the automobile. Engineers, medicinal staff, and those who perform their duties near the buildings or have to flare automobiles can experience flames that permit them from working on their working site. So you have to focus on them and also keep your fire-fighters safe it can be obliging for fire-fighters to shower fire-extinguishers into flamed regions and protect those fire victims.

All together with the medicinal staff will assist you with the present dress your favored one. When you have triumphant finished several tasks: every team begins the game with one block. Later finishing the game on many levels, you can modify each working building to acquire more party members. For instance, if you proceed from one doctor to another you are engaging more and many more workers. This enables your work speedy and more convenient.

Eccentric And Captivating Rewards

You can obtain discrete prizes and badges subject to how long it takes to fastly or lazily finish bronze to the platinum mission. The quickly you finish the tasks the more coins and prizes will be part of your pocket. Additionally, you can earn many diamonds by sighting advertisements or staying with your friends and employees to open mythical packs and explore the magic which is hidden in them.

Every mythical box contains a couple of diamonds and a pair of diamonds on each list. You can also move your squad to discrete buses in order to cope up with the circumstances in distinct locations, getting extra currency on distinct side missions. The currency gained can be utilized to modify buildings and head offices.

Ideal Attributes

This version has many sprightly and flexible attributes for you to explore. There are many events covering from outbursts and prominent circumstances such as terrorist attacks to comparative small events such as the protection of threatened animals and this is also the climax of the game, the rally point. The story of this game is not very confusing therefore it is appropriate for children also aging 7 and up. Apart from the machinery of the game is also an advancement and admired by several players which is the game’s time administration.

Unlimited Money

When you will be playing the official version of this game, you need to struggle a lot in order to earn more money. Because money plays a sole role in the gameplay of this game. This Mod version offers you unlimited money.

This unlimited money will be provided to you which just only belongs to you. How you use this money just depends upon you. From this money, you can unlock all the basic as well as premium features of this game. This unlimited money also saves your real money from spending.


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This game can be habit-forming because of its uncomplicated gameplay. Wherever three is fire or huge flame you will cal your emergency services squad to the victim site. You will make sure that the squad is holding on to the house, or vehicle and over the site. Your medicinal staff, engineers, and humans who need to do a task around the building or flaming car can go up in flames that permits you from finalizing the mission.

Therefore it is added in your duty to focus on them and bring the fire-extinguishers to the help. It will assist if you guided fire-fighters to shower fire-extinguishers into regions with large fires and help injured humans from fire. At this spot, medicinal staff will also assist you.

You will initiate the game with only one block of every squad when you are done well for a specific task. After passing many levels of the game you will have many employees for your squad by modifying each of your working buildings. Such as move from one doctor to another and continuously you have an expanded staff. This will aid you to complete more missions fastly and more swiftly.

How To Download EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk?

  • First of all, you need to uninstall the official version of this game, if it is already present on your device.
  • Now you have to click on the given download link in order to download this game.
  • The downloading will be completed after some time, installation process proceeds as downloading completes.
  • If the downloading does not start after downloading, then Go to your device setting, then to the security setting, and tap on the unknown sources to allow.
  • The installation will complete within no time.
  • Open the game and enjoy a discrete experience.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can we proceed in EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk without making a team?

Sadly you will not proceed because it is the power of teamwork that takes you to the heights of success.

How it is an addictive game?

This is a compelling game because of its effortless gameplay, beautiful story, incredible graphics, and easy controls.

From what age EMERGENCY HQ Mod Apk is recommended to play?

The story of this game is not very complex. Therefore it is recommended that children with age 7 or above can play this game.


The generation of these many games is because of the different tastes of people regarding the games. One of the most liked categories is the strategy category in games.

From this category, we have introduced one of the best and addictive games. This game is very discrete from all other games because of its storyline. The outline of this game revolves around the life of a firefighter. This fire-fighter helps you to make a strong squad. Once he becomes successful in this then he can move up on the steps of success. This is not only an entertaining game but also a good platform to learn more about the skills regarding an emergency situation.

This prepares you for how to handle the fire case in real life. Therefore it is not only a source of amusement but a good teacher who enhances your skills regarding emergency circumstances. You don’t have to pass many steps for the approach of this game. You can need to download and install the game and enjoy this game with a distinct storyline.

What's new

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Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy Emergency HQ.



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