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Cooking fever mod APK is the best cooking game and completely free of the cast- play the game and test your cooking skills-Download Cooking fever and enjoy the cooking.
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Do you love cooking but don’t get enough time to practice it? Or want to create your restaurant but don’t know where you should start? Whatever the situation may be, the Cooking Fever Mod APK will not disappoint you!

Yes, you have listened, right? It is an exciting game that provides you with a chance to practice cooking skills and provides you an opportunity to learn the art of restaurant management. You can start with a single restaurant presenting your customers with delicious meals with sweet treats. With time you will learn about various strategies to expand your business. There are various restaurant themes and beautiful locations available, which allows you to show your creativity.

Let’s check out the other features of this unique and thrilling game!

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

What is Cooking Fever Mod APK?

Cooking Fever mod APK is the hacked version of this game which is completely free of cost. This means that you can access all of its interesting levels and exciting features without paying any money.

This game is great for learning delicious cooking recipes and gives you a chance to practice the art of restaurant management. You can make the best dishes and decorate your restaurant beautifully to attract more customers. It contains various kitchen tools like a popcorn machine, coffee maker, toaster, etc. This way, you can learn to use these tools. With increasing level comes more difficulty, and then you have to keep up with the ever-growing demands of your business. Plus, in the mod version, you will have everything you want in your reach without paying even a single penny.


In Cooking Fever, you get an opportunity of creating a successful culinary empire. First of all, you will have a single restaurant to practice your cooking skills. As soon as you learn more about cooking and presenting successful meals, you will be able to open more restaurants.

Additionally, you will be able to upgrade your restaurant and decorate it in an amazing way to please your customers. There are more than 500 different recipes that you can try this way, and you can get a chance to improve your services. But what if you don’t know about cooking at all? Then don’t worry since this game also provides you a chance to learn the basics of cooking. It has 1400 various levels, a reward system, different beautiful locations, and useful ingredients to make cooking a fun activity for you.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Interesting Features of Cooking Fever Mod APK 2023 (Unlimited Money, Coins, Ad-free)

The cooking fever hack mod APK is full of exciting features. Here is a brief description of all of these amazing features:

Unique & Useful Ingredients

Almost more than 200 different types of ingredients are available in this game. In cooking fever unlocked all apk, you can also learn about the use and taste of these ingredients. As you will spend some time playing this game, you will be able to learn the cooking basics.

New Recipes

Plus there are some interesting cooking recipes available that you can try for making delicious meals. There are almost 500 different dishes available that can prepare by using its various unique ingredients.


To keep up your motivation level for cooking, this game contains various rewards. Whenever you serve a successful meal, you will get a reward.

Moreover, as your skills are enhanced, you will get more experience. With a better experience, you will be able to unlock all the other exciting features of this game.

Decorate Your Restaurants & Upgrade Your Kitchen Equipment

Another interesting feature of this game is that it gives you a chance to show your aesthetic capabilities and creativity. You can decorate your restaurant in a better way to attract more people.

Also, you can upgrade your kitchen appliances. When more customers come to your place, some other features of cooking fever will be unlocked automatically. Besides, some cooking fever cheats for Android are available, which you can use for a better experience.

Great Looking Locations

Other than high-quality food, what attracts the customer more is good-looking locations. In this game, you will have access to many beautiful places to choose the right kind of theme for your restaurant, Italian restaurant, bakery, salad bar, etc.

Additionally, you will also learn about how you can manage various types of restaurants, which will add to your learning experience.

1400 Levels

The issue with most of the games is that they have limited levels. And once you reach the end level, that particular game becomes boring and doesn’t excite you anymore. But the cooking fever mod apk offers 1400 levels, isn’t that great?

Hence you will have an amazing cooking experience and will surely be excited to complete the upcoming levels. If you want to win more coins, you can also go back to the previously completed level.

Collect Gems

The ultimate currency of these games is gems that you can use for buying various things, but these are very rare. If you log in to this game daily, then the chances of getting gems are highly increased. Besides, after reaching level 7 XP, you can bet in the casino, and in the case of winning, you will be able to get more gems.

Addictive Time Management Gameplay

Here you will also get addictive time-management gameplay. This carefully calculates your time, and ideally, you shouldn’t let your customers wait for too long for sitting. This gameplay will help you in expanding your thriving business.

Practice Your Cooking Skills

The best feature of this game is that it allows you to practice your cooking skills uniquely. Besides, it has various tests for checking your management and cooking skills. It is like creating a virtual restaurant where you present your dishes to your customers. If they like your cooking, then they keep on coming back.

This way, you will be motivated to make new thrilling dishes for inspiring your customers. You can also choose the location of your restaurant and can either build an Asian restaurant or fast food restaurant.

Manage Your Place

In this game, you don’t only have to cook, but you also have to manage your restaurant. With time you will realize that cooking is not as much difficult as running your place. Like a real restaurant, you also have to consider the best furniture, menu, fixtures, and decoration for catching the attention of your customers. You have to use the right strategies for satisfying your customers and spreading your business.

Meanwhile, you also have to manage the rush hours in the right way. Since people get irritated when you deliver a late or wrong order, you can give special gifts to your customers like butter cookies or chocolates for free. This will associate a feeling of good experience with your restaurant, and they will surely come again.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

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Features of Mod Cooking Fever apk 2023

Unlimited Coins and Gems

Here you will get an unlimited amount of game currency, which can be used to purchase upgrades, new equipment, and other kitchen accessories.

Unlock All Levels

A mod might unlock all levels of the game, allowing players to access all the different restaurants and cooking challenges right away, without having to complete certain levels to unlock others.

Ad-Free Experience

Some mods might remove ads from the game, which can be a nuisance for some players.

Cooking Fever Mod Apk

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How to Download Cooking Fever Mod APK on Android?

  • This game is compatible with all systems, so just go into the settings of this game for installing it.
  • Then go to the security option and enable the option of unknown sources. This game is completely safe to download, so don’t worry about the warning.
  • Now start downloading the game by opening the download link.
  • After downloading, go to the file manager of this game
  • Next, open the Android folder and go to the Cooking Fever mod menu APK file.
  • Open this file and click on Start installing this game.
  • Finally, now you can open a cooking fever.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is cooking fever cheats apk a safe game?

Yes, cooking fever is completely a safe game to play.

How do you get gems in cooking fever unlocked everything mod apk?

To get more gems in cooking fever, you need to play it regularly and look for the gems. Additionally, replaying a previously completed level also helps in getting more coins.

How do you complete levels of cooking fever cracked apk?

To complete the levels of Cooking fever, you need to achieve the goals and keep playing regularly. Besides, you need to look for the tasks, and there are “Achievements” that can help you get more experience. Upgrading your kitchen appliances and decorating your restaurant will also help in raising your XP.

Is cooking fever hack a popular game?

Yes, since its release in 2017, it has been one of the most popular mobile games. It was developed by Nordcurrent that is a Lithuanian game developing and publishing company.

Final Words

The Cooking Fever Mod Apk 2023 latest version is different than other games since it provides you a chance to learn cooking and show your creativity. It consists of exciting levels, which make cooking more fun. Additionally, this is a great game for all the cooking lovers who dream of becoming real-deal chefs!

What's new

3 Daily Quests-Complete them.

Receive Mystery Box as a prize.



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