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Among Us Mod APK is the multiplayer action game-Unlocked everything-Free Download on Android Device Among Us and enjoy the premium features.
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Nothing is more thrilling than playing multiplayer action games with your friends. And what if a game involves the proper use of mind and making wise strategies for winning? It becomes even more fun!

Plus, a recent study states that playing action games enhances your problem-solving capabilities and allocates more cognitive power to your visual stimuli.

Among Us Mod APK is among those popular games that benefit your cognitive development and give you a chance to explore a new world. At a time, 3 to 5 players can play this social deduction game.

Want to know more about this exciting game? Then keep on reading, and in this write-up, you will also get to know about the procedure to download among us mod without any cost.

All You Need To Know About Among Us Mod APK


What is Among Us Mod APK?

The hacked version of the original Among Us game is called Among Us Mod APK. The hacked version provides you with a wide range of new exciting features which make this game more interesting to play.

Innersloth LLC introduced this popular action game, and its fighting style is quite attractive. Furthermore, it has almost 1 million reviews, and people love to play this game because of its unique features.


Among Us Mod APK Gameplay

The gameplay of Among Us mod APK is straightforward to understand. Since it is a multiplayer game, you can play it with a maximum of ten people; in this game, you are supposed to launch the ship in space and some other astronauts.

This game consists of two groups, including crewmates and imposters. Additionally, you can become a part of any of these two groups as per your choice.

Crewmates must have to complete various tasks while imposters create difficulties for them. Imposters can even kill the crewmates, and then remaining crewmates arrange the meetings to find out the imposter.

If crewmates successfully caught the imposter, then they win the game. On the other hand, if imposters kill all the crewmates, then they will be victorious.

Sometimes imposters sabotage a particular system like a reactor or oxygen. If crewmates find out the exact problem and sort out this critical sabotage in the given time, they win the game.

There are three maps that players can play. Besides, the game includes multiple cosmetic accessories for the players like hats, skins, pets, and colors.

In each game, there is a host which has control over many things.

The host can change the game settings like player visions, voting time, meetings, crewmates and imposters, Imposters Kill Cooldown, game tasks, and much more.


Amazing Features of Among Us Mod APK

Whether you are an imposter or a crewman, you will have access to amazing features of Among Us modded. It has a stylish menu that you can use for controlling the various mod features. Continue reading to know more about the other impressive features of this game!

Use Vent As Crew

Even if you are a cremate, you can use all vents. This way, you can confuse the imposters and can increase your chances of winning. However, you need to be careful while using this feature since your crewmates may vote you out if you get caught.

Bonus Tip: You can become invisible by combining this feature with “Move during Inside vents/Tasks/Meeting. Then you will be able to move freely around the map without this fear that someone may see you.

Always Visible Chat

Although you can only chat during the meetings or in the lobby, with the help of this feature, you can chat anytime with your partners during the game. Hence, this will allow you to make better strategies by increasing the connectivity between you and your teammates.

Mod Menu

The Among Us mod APK menus gives you the feasibility of using sliders for modifying the speed at any time during the game. Additionally, you can also disable or enable any mode feature with the help of the mod menu.

The mod menu of Among Us comes with a stylish UI and contains various customization settings. Furthermore, it contains four categories which are given below:

  1. Player mod slider
  2. Player mod
  3. Character
  4. Misc

Customize Your Character (Unlock All Hats, Skin, Pets)

There are only a few hats that will be in your reach while playing Among Us. But when you are using Among Us Mod APK, you will use even premium hats without any cost.

Similarly, there are some skins which you have to buy and can’t use for free. Thanks to Unlock skin feature of the mod menu, which gives you the luxury of using all premium skins.

Many cute pets are available on Among Us, but not all of those are free of cost. However, when you use the mod menu, you will get access to among us free pets.

No, Leave Penalty

Normally if you leave many matches in a short period, then you will get a ban penalty. This feature will remove this penalty system, and you won’t be banned even if you leave too many matches.

Increase Report Distance

With the help of an increased report distance slider, you can report the dead bodies from a long distance. Although the slider has 20 settings, you should keep it below 10 to avoid any trouble.

Player Speed

As its name suggests, it allows you to change the speed of players. Moreover, its settings range from 0.5x to 100x.

Player Ghost Speed

This speed slider will give you the luxury of changing your speed if you are a ghost. Its settings are similar to the player speed slider.

Become A Ghost

Another great feature is that it changes your skin even if you are alive. Also, it will help you to see ghost chats and ghosts. This feature will provide you access to among us all skins.

For disabling this feature, you have to use “Force Disable Ghost Mode.” This will disable this mode and fix the glitches like calling the meeting, black screen, voting, etc.

Remove Ads

While you play the Android version of this game, you have to watch an ad after every game. This could be quite annoying and time-consuming, right?
But by using this feature, you can remove the ads from the game so you don’t have to watch these anymore.

Move During Meetings

Usually, players can’t move when they are inside the vent, doing a task, or in emergency meetings. But this will not be the case when you use this feature since it gives you the feasibility of moving during all these situations.

Crew and impostors can both use this feature and become invisible on the map. Hence, they can sabotage while inside the vent, kill the crewmates, or perform tasks.

Fake Imposter

Another amazing feature is fake imposters, which help you in finding the real imposters. By using this feature, you will have access to vents and sabotage.

Note that you can use this feature in the lobby, but you have to disable it while you are in-game. If you use this feature during the game, you will not see the real imposter and use critical sabotage.


You can get the among us mod for android, PlayStation, PC, or iOS.


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Mod Features of Among Us Mod APK

The Mod features of Among Us includes:

  • Unlimited Emergency meetings
  • Seven categories: Animations, Character, Host, Player Mod, Player Mod Slier, Misc, Host, Sabotage
  • Light Radius Slider
  • Play clear asteroids tasks animation
  •  Remove ads
  • Fake Alive
  • Out of the game map
  • Set map
  • Flip skeld map
  • Host menu
  • See-through walls/ no shadows
  • No-kill-cool-down
  • Speed hack
  • Wallhack
  • Complete task hack


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How To Install Among Us Mod APK?

Follow this simple, step by step guide to install Among us mod APK:

  • Firstly download the Original APK or Among Us MOD menu.
  • Now uninstall the installed Among us from your mobile. However, if you have any previous version of the mod or original game, you don’t need to uninstall that.
  • Finally, install the Among Us mod menu, and you will have access to its wide range of features.



Can I Play Among Us Mod APK Offline?

No, it is an online game, so you can’t play it in offline mode.

Can You Get Banned from Among Us Mod APK?

Yes, if you will not be using the Anti-ban version of Among Us mod APK, you will be banned in case of too many leaves.



When you install the Among Us Mod APK, you get access to all those premium features which are not available for free in Among Us APK. Hence, playing this action game becomes super fun.

This article provides you with complete information regarding various features of this game and how you can play it. Hopefully, it will be a useful read for you, and you won’t be having any queries. Feel free to ask, if you still have any questions.

Plus, don’t forget to tell us about your favorite feature of Among Us Mod APK!

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