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Hyper Hippo Games is the developer of Adventure Communist Game. We can call this game the sequel of the World famous adventure Capitalist game. You must download Adventure Communists Mod Apk only.
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Hyper Hippo Games is the developer of Adventure Communist Mod Apk. We can call this game the sequel of the World famous adventure Capitalist game. From this point, we can guess that this is also an idle tycoon game. The primary aim of this game is to generate as many outputs as possible, and you become the owner of more things.

If you have played Adventure Capitalist, you will not find this game discrete. Because both of these games hold similar gameplay along with unlimited gold features. In another manner, we can say that this mod version assists you regarding money.

If you are playing this game without any resources, you will not have to worry about this because this mod version will facilitate you regarding these resources. Enough resources will be offered to you in this cracked version so that you may carry on smoothly. In this manner, this feature seems to be the most prominent feature of this ads-free version.

In this manner, you will be in total comfort without the stress of the game currency. Moreover, it will be quite astonishing for you to avail this opportunity without spending any money. You will be relaxed because you will get unlimited game currency freely.


Stunning Features

Ultimate Game Mechanic Researchers

This feature is one of the most prominent resources and has emerged with the updated version of 3.0. Therefore this is the sign that you must understand 3.0; otherwise, you will not avail from this. Your mission will also be tricky when you are at a higher level.

In this manner, you will have to collect and update researchers because the ranking will not enhance the industrial outputs. There are about 96 researchers in this game, but you will unlock only 93.

While the rest of the others can only be unlocked at the level of 115 in Adventure Communist Hack Apk, note that five researchers can only be accessed when you approach thresholds. You must level up by completing missions and challenges to open more researchers.


The definition of missions can be done as the duties/tasks offered to the player. The player must complete these missions to get rewards in Adventure Communist Cheat Android Apk. These rewards have mainly consisted of capsules. These capsules may be wood capsules or stone capsules.

In Adventure Communists Researchers Mod Apk, you have to complete specific missions. After this, you will get a reward in the form of a silver capsule. While in some cases, the bonus consists of Gold or science in Kongregate Adventure Communist Apk.

The kinds of missions can be traded, unlocked industry, collect cards and collect resources. Moreover, collect science, organize, promote researchers or consume science.


Rank is also to calculate the progress of every player in any of the games. You must complete specific missions to level up, usually consisting of triads in Adventure Communist Ranks.


Trade is thought to be the source of extending the output rate of Comrades in Adventure Communist Max Card level. They are highly prominent as the output resource requires Comrades to build. These Comrades are also needed for approaching high-level industries along with higher tiers.

There are five industries in Adventure Communist Tips; in this way, five trades will be offered to you. But each trade demands a certain amount of a base resource. And this base resource will extend when you access prosperous trade in the same industry.


As described before, capsules are Gold, Researcher Cards, and Science rewards. They are composed of certain varieties, and you can access them in many ways. These include event rewards, mission rewards, free capsules, and shop resources.


Airdrops do not commonly emerge in the game; rather, it is seen as seasonal emergence in Adventure Communist Game. You will get Bonus Resources, Science, or Comrades after the emergence of these airdrops. A plane will be flying from one corner of the screen to another, and you have to click on it. Usually, these airdrops will be provided by boat or by aircraft. But it will depend on your current level in Adventure Communist Missions.

A Variety Of Events

Adventure Communist Space Force Apk holds numerous thrilling events. And that of every event will take place for a month. There are 11 events in this game that are enlisted below.

  • Communist Crusade
  • Space Force
  • Quest For Oil
  • Anew Atlantis
  • Winter Motherland
  • Supreme Santa
  • Shields Up
  • Comrade CowBoys
  • Potato Export
  • Ninja Union
  • Power Overwhelming

Usually, a player participating in an event must complete a mission with 21 ranks. Each event has distinct demands for industries and researchers. Therefore you should make sure that it energize specific power for your researchers.

Mod Features

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Automatically Updated
  3. Easy To Use
  4. Support All Devices
  5. No Root Required

Unlimited Gold

In Adventure Communist Mod Apk, you will be offered unlimited gold. This unlimited gold will act as total game currency. This gold will assist you in unlocking several aspects. Moreover, this unlimited gold will help you open any game’s missions. This is the cracked version of the official match; therefore, this feature is only found in this version. You will not explore this feature of unlimited gold in the official version of this game.


The story of this Ad Communist Apk is not distinct from that of the earlier version of this game. While playing this game, your primary duty is to grow potatoes to a higher level. In this way, the path to a bright future is associated with the production of potatoes.

The mechanics of Adventure Communists are elementary. Besides potato farming, you will also have to manage your resources, which are the output of distinct state resources, including weapons, ore, potatoes, medicine, and land.

You have to tap until the upgrade bar is filled to generate those resources. Once you read a specific value, you can redeem it to power up a multiplier of help each time you click.

In addition, to get rid of tapping numerous times, you can hire that many workers. Another base resource is Comrades, and it shows your number of workers. It would be best to employ specialized workers to get the resources independently.

How To Download And Install?

  1. First of all, read this article very attentively if you wish to view the download button.
  2. After seeing the download button, immediately click on it.
  3. This is the time to jump to your device rather than the security setting. Here tap on the unknown sources and move behind.
  4. Tap on it; you will see an install option; the installation will complete soon.
  5. Now click to open Adventure Communists Mod Apk and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I play this game without working on the potato production?

You will not play this game without this activity because potato production is the most prime activity.

Can I jump to any of the missions with the unlimited gold offered in this mod version?

Surely you can jump to any of the missions with the help of unlimited gold of this hacked version.

Is this cracked version safe for my device?

Yes, this mod version is safe for all types of devices. It will not disturb your device in any way.


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Adventure Communists Mod Apk is the most prominent game of its related category. This game is very distinct in its storyline compared with other games of its class. This game is loaded with lots of exciting features offered in this game.

You should only use this hacked version to get cracked features. These broken features are the property of this mod version. You will not find these mod features in the official version. Therefore you must download Adventure Communists Mod Apk only.




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