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Life After is an open-world survival game launched by NetEase. It is available on both platforms,e: Android and iOS, via Google play store and Apple Store. So, download and enjoy the game.
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The world has changed a lot, and so do the ways of entertainment. Today, virtual gaming is one of the most significant sources for seeking joy and happiness. However, do you know that it has other benefits, such as psychological enhancement and cognitive hosting?

Hence, we will present an in-depth researched article about one of these games known as life after. You will also learn all essentials about its mod APK to rest assure maximum benefit gain. So, without further delay, let us now dig into the article. Please have a look.

All you need to know about life after the mod menu

What is life after a classic game?

We always suggest our readers acquire knowledge about the standard version to penetrate deep into the details about hacked APK.

So, life after is an open-world survival game launched by NetEase. It is available on both platforms,e: Android and iOS, via Google play store and Apple Store. The contest empowers the user to join a challenging survival scene where they can explore the environment together and collect some resources.


What is life after a hack?

Some people get confused between the two versions twisting them as two different names of the same app. In contrast, the scenario is exactly the opposite.

So, the main difference between both options is additional benefits obtained by the cracked APK only. For instance, it lets you enjoy all in-app purchases for free of cost, is data and battery efficient, and the list goes on and on.

In addition, the modified version also helps in smooth and easy download without any geographical barriers. Confused? Let us explain the scenario in a bit more detailed manner. So although life game is an international app, it still is banned in some specific areas of the world for unknown reasons. It mostly happens because of security and political concerns. Hence, if you are also an individual living in those unfortunate world regions, then t

The mod APK is the correct option for you as it frees you from every kind of geographical constraint. So with this version, download and experience this fantastic game in any part of the world.

About the gameplay of Life After Mod APK

Life follows them of post-zombie apocalypse where the players have to try their best for their survival after the invasion of the zombies.

The storyline starts when a strange virus begins to grow and start spreading and attacking the world, transforming humans into zombies.

Hence, after a few decades, the world is completely destroyed as only a few survivors are left out of which you are the one. Hence, you now have to hide in a safe place during nighttime. You also have to collect coins in between so that you can purchase yourself some essentials of life such as powerful weapons to kill zombies and to make a safe shelter.


How to play Life After Mod APK

After that, the player is done with customizing their avatar; they reach a new window to customize their companion pet which is a cute dog. Now, to start the game, you’ll be introduced to a guide. Make sure to look at it very carefully. And that’s it; you are all ready to enter.

Important features to note


Hiding for a long time can be a boating task. That is why the developers have designed some mini-games for yourself that you can play during the nighttime. And do you know what the best part about these mini-games is? Well! You can play them with your friends. What else do we want?

Realistic world

The firm has made sure to add realistic graphics and visual effects to enhance the overall user experience and to keep you hooked with it from start to end.

Live on

The game will teach you to gather food, hunt down, and cover your wounds with no proper services. You can make arms and weapons with the help of supplies to protect yourself and to retaliate against zombies.

However, stay sure to perform these activities in the nighttime when you are hiding, as daytime can bring a lot of difficulties in your life.

Build your final home

Life after full mod APK will give you the chance to encounter some new friends while exploring the world. So gather those trusted souls for seeking supplies and build a safe home for yourself.

Get everything unlocked in Life After Mod APK

The game possesses very cool gameplay and features. Yet the sad part about the scenario I, that all of these features are locked. Hence you as a player is required to cross levels or full fill specific challenges in order to earn a point that you can further use to unlock these feature.

However, we know that not everyone is that much of a patient. Life after mod APK grants you APK unlimited money supply, which you can use to unlock all the features. So feel free to purchase customizable features, upgrades, and all sorts of buffs for yourself.


How to download life game’s apps

Downloading the app requires the user to follow different processes for both versions: standard and hacked. Hence we are listing both of them below for your ease.

Steps to download game of life APK standard

  • Type “life game “ on the search bar of your mobile phone’s app store. We recommend opting for Google play store or apple store as they are more convincing options. However, you can also go for any other app store according to your will.
  • Press enter and wait till the search results are loading.
  • At this moment, a long list of similar apps might appear on your phone’s screen. Select the top app of them all.
  • Press the install button and wait till the app gets fully downloaded
  • Voila, you are all done with the downloading process so run the app, set the game, and Enjoy

Steps to download game mod

Downloading process for the hacked version is pretty difficult, but only until you don’t encounter a correct guide like this. However, before jumping into the actual downloading process, make sure to uninstall the previous or standard version of the app, as it will not allow your phone to download its Mod APK. With that said, please have a look at the downloading process.


  1. Search for a good site: searching for a good and renowned site can reap you a good number of benefits in the long run, among which scam elimination is one. So don’t hesitate to spend a couple of hours on this task.
  2. Grant access: once you are done with selecting a download source, you now need to grant access to it. To do so, enter into the security tab of your phone through settings and tap upon ” enable download from an unknown source. “
  3. Download it: follow the steps as instructed by your selected source to start the downloading process.
  4. Let it install: allow the app to get fully installed after the download procedure. Remember that installation may consume a few minutes of your time depending upon the internet strength and your phone’s speed. So do not close or switch the window.
  5. Enjoy: congratulations, you now have the downloaded APK on your phone, so run the app and enjoy.

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Frequently asked questions regarding Life After Mod APK

What can a bad download source do to my phone/ smart device?

The unknown downloaded sources are not regulated or overseen by any legal, regulatory body such as the Google play store. Hence, they are not bound by the law to serve transparency of actions to the user
The same is the reason that they can cause harm to your device up to a large extent. They can:

  1. Send unknown files to your device
  2. Can cause you to lose all your data
  3. Make you short of phone storage
  4. Infect your phone with harmful viruses.

Thus, it is always recommended from our side to spend a good amount of time investigating for a reliable and trustworthy download source.

How can I judge an unknown download source’s legitimacy?

You can judge any site’s legitimacy very easily by reading its customer reviews. They are mostly displayed on the bottom of the site’s homepage.

Other than this, you can also consider looking for the site’s rating on Google.

Why should I go for Life After Mod APK rather than the usual version?

You see, hacked APK possesses certain extra benefits for the user that they cannot enjoy with the usual version. For instance, it grants the user with having an ad-free experience, grants free access to the premium version as well as to all in-app Purchases, aids in smooth and convenient download, and most importantly, saves a lot of internet data phone storage, and battery. That is why one should opt for mod APK than that of the usual version.

On the bottom line of Life After Mod APK

To conclude, life after is one of the musts to be played the game. However, we suggest opting for its nodded file rather than the usual one as it has a slight edge over it.

It grants the player some additional benefits that we have discussed in the article. So, make sure to read the article with full concentration before you jump into the actual download process.



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