The Best Social Apps: Must-Haves in 2023

If an individual from a few decades back, time-travels and reaches today’s world, the most shocking object will be nothing, but internet-driven social media. Unlike other inventions like cars, weapons, planes etc., this is arguably the bottommost invention that we are relishing today. Even two decades after now, there is no sign of social media, which makes this invention extremely recent.

Contrary to conventional electronic media, social media runs in the form of some applications aka apps. Now in today’s period of variety of diversity, there are a slew of social media apps out there. These apps are installed in our hand-held tools like mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. Nevertheless, not all of them are standardized or perfectly useful. Therefore, here you will get a glance over a social media apps list like Instander Apk, Facebook, & Instagram.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms 2023

Here is an exhaustive list of the best social apps, which are sought after frequently:


What Meta has created can neither be defeated nor recreated, since Facebook is the best amongst the best apps. Primarily meant for making friends, this app serves multiple functions ranging from news to photography. Besides, it works as an alternative to Gmail, Yahoo, etc. These additional features, which are more than just social features, make it a top-notch social media app.


It would have been totally unjustified if a list of the best social apps had been created without including Instagram. If one’s concern is with visuals (rather than text) then nothing can counterpart this social giant. Marketers can showcase their products, influencers can display their talents, and news anchors can propagate news through this app. As far as the usage is concerned, it is extremely close to Facebook.


If you are wondering, “What is the fastest growing social media platform?” then you are informed that this is nothing but TikTok. In recent years, all the marketing agencies, content creators, influencers, and news anchors (who were reluctant initially) have joined the reverend community of TikTok. This short video-sharing platform is also one of the best social apps for college students too since there exists a lot of didactic material here.


If one had to choose all social media apps in one, there could be nothing more suitable than Twitter. This is also one of those social apps for adults, where only serious content propagates. One can opine about different matters in the form of short texts or Tweets. Like the rest of social apps, following, liking, disliking, and other such features are also part of this app. Besides, since Elon Musk took over the charge of this app, policies as well as functions of the app have become more enhanced.


There are hundreds of thousands of social apps, but not even a single app provides as much privacy as Snapchat does. One may easily aver that this is the most private app among top 100 social media sites. If you are always concerned about your privacy while using social apps, this is solely meant for you. In this camera app, along with filters and stickers, the chatting experience is also flawless. Because this only runs in smartphones, so it is one of the best social apps for Android and iOS.


Although WhatsApp stands amongst other social giants, it is not deemed one of the best social apps to make friends. Primarily it is a messaging app with hundreds of advanced prerogatives like media sharing etc. Thereby, one can communicate with those, who are already among one’s contact list. Despite this limitation, there is no argument strong enough to exclude this app from the line of the  best social apps.

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